Rick wants you to take him on a journey through original, innovative worlds that illuminate our own in meaningful ways.

He’s looking for character-driven novels for Adult and Young Adult audiences in these genres and subgenres:

> Space Operas
> Techno-Thrillers
> Post-Apocalyptic
> Alien Invasion

> Epic Fantasy
> Portal/Hidden Realms
> Dark Fantasy
> Contemporary Fantasy
> Fairy Tales

> Paranormal
> Body Horror
> Technology Run Amok
> Monster/Alien/Mutant
> Gothic Horror

Magical Realism
> Literary
> Historical Fiction

Rick is skeptical of books about vampires, superheroes, and Christian mythology… but he’s not going to rule them out without taking a look first. Maybe you can win him over?

However, he is not interested in romance, gory slashers, or YA novels featuring cocky, wise-cracking protagonists who are cynical and world-weary by the age of 18.

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